Connecticut 2023 World Tournament Preliminary Results

Connecticut Horseshoe Pitchers Association had 24 individuals compete across all divisions at the World Horseshoe Tournament in Lansing, Michigan.

      • 6 Elders: 1 Junior: 10 Men: 1 SR Men: 2 SR Women: 4 Women.

In the preliminary rounds, of those 24 participating, there were 8 podium appearances and 2 stage appearances: 

3 first place finishes [{Jed Manion, EDLER F1}, Randy Smith Jr, Men A2}, {Skyla Rioux, Women A}]

1 second place finish [{Alex Berardi, Men K2}]

4 third place finishes [{Kevin Weik, Elder K1}, {David Rioux, Men B1}, {Nate Baker, Men B2}, {Lee Ann Berardi, Women F}]

2 additional stage appearances for 4th place [{Lizzy Jordan Junior A}, {Ally Jordan, Women D}]. 

Highlights from the preliminaries include:

Bill Navaratil, even though he didn’t make the stage in the preliminaries he still made the championship round!

Lizzy Jordan,  placing 4th, but enough to qualify for the Juniors Championship and dominate

Ally Jordan, placing 4th against some tough competition.

Skyla Rioux, Woman's A

Skyla Rioux, winning the Women’s Division A, beating out 2023 world champion Sara Chafee, and advancing to the championship round

Jed Manion, Elder F1

Jed Manion coming back from a 0-14 loss at the 2022 World Tournament in Monroe, LA, only to place 1st in the 2023 World Tournament.

Randy Smith Jr, Men's A2

Randy Smith Jr, went undefeated 15-0, and shooting 4% over his average, and advancing to the championship round.

Kevin Weik, Elder K1

Kevin Weik (left), placing 3rd shot 17.58% over his average! Practicing in the warm up tournament paid off!!

Dave Rioux Jr, Men's B1

Dave Rioux Jr (left), placing 3rd in a division that was quite competitive.

Nate Baker, Men's B2

Nate Baker (left), his first world tournament placed 3rd

Alex Berardi, Mens K2

Alex Berardi, his first world tournament placed 2nd

Lee Ann Berardi, Woman's F

Lee Ann Berardi (left), her first world tournament placed 3rd, shotting 6% over her entering average.